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Welcome to the Eisenberg Family Depression Center membership website! This site allows you to access your member profile and individual profiles of our entire membership, and also provides information on upcoming events, award opportunities, as well as opportunities to actively participate as a Eisenberg Family Depression Center member.

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The Eisenberg Family Depression Center welcomes faculty, staff, and students of the University of Michigan who contribute to research, education, clinical care, or public policy in the field of clinical depressions, bipolar disorder, and related illnesses. Our growing collaborative community includes nearly 400 U-M colleagues from across Michigan Medicine and campus who are working to improve the understanding and treatment of depressive illnesses, reduce associated stigma, and help transform public policy.

Why become a member?
Membership offers many benefits, including:

  • Opportunities for multi-disciplinary collaboration related to your clinical, educational and/or research interests
  • Eligibility for research awards issued through the Eisenberg Family Depression Center
  • Access to the center’s educational experiences , both as a participant and as a presenter
  • Opportunities to be a collaborator or site director for center research projects
  • Grant writing support
  • Participation on leadership boards and committees, and in topic-specific task groups
Membership Criteria
  • Research, educational, clinical or public policy expertise of relevance to bipolar or depressive illnesses
  • A solid theoretical foundation in an area related to bipolar or depressive illnesses
  • Outstanding academic accomplishments or potential for such
  • Demonstrated support for interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Demonstrated interest in contributing to the mission of the Eisenberg Family Depression Center
  • Applications are also welcomed from administrative leaders and staff who oversee research, clinical and educational activities and those who support faculty members of the Eisenberg Family Depression Center.