DOCC 2019 Recap

The 17th Annual Depression on College Campuses Conference covered new research findings, model programs, and policies which highlight evidence-based approaches to identify and determine the level of intervention required to best match student need to improve health outcomes.

The George Orley Student Mental Health Advocate Award – Established 2019

To recognize outstanding student leadership in the area of campus mental health, the University of Michigan initiated the Student Mental Health Advocate Award in 2007. Since 2009, the selection committee has presented two awards – one to a student from the University of Michigan, and one to a student from another school – allowing us to honor student advocacy around the country as well as on our own campus.

2019 Awardees: Kimberly Snodgrass & Mehak Hafeez

Kimberly Snodgrass

Junior, University of Michigan

Major: Biopsychology, Cognition & Neuroscience

As the Walk Chair for the 2019 University of Michigan Out of the Darkness Walk (and the 2018 Co-Chair, when U of M was the #1 Campus walk in the nation for AFSP), Kimberly will be responsible for raising nearly $250,000 dollars on UM campus for suicide prevention/education programming, Loss and Healing activities, faculty/staff training, and overall reduction of stigma around depression, mental health/illness, and suicide. She first became involved as a freshman with the first UM OOTD and has stepped up in AMAZING ways.

As the Walk Chair, she is not only responsible for overseeing the planning and logistics of the walk. Kim also oversees the programming committee which facilitates active programming on campus, for free, for students. From Talk Saves Lives, to It’s Real: College Students and Mental Health, Kim manages other students who host regular life-saving programming. Students want to know how they can help themselves, and their friends — Kim’s work is doing just that. Using the funds she raised on campus to equip students, faculty and community members with the tools/education they need to stop suicides and teach better help-seeking behavior. Kim is also on track to continue her work after UM and has a passion for reducing this leading cause of death. She has been directly impacted by suicide and mental health related issues in her life with family/friends, and she is driven to help others. She has engaged thousands of students with her work and trained numerous faculty — but she is not satisfied. She continues to beat down closed doors and find new opportunities to educate the campus. She has hit many road blocks and red-tape with her quest to save lives and bring hope to those affected by suicide, but it does not phase her. She is professional, diligent and creative to make sure all the UM students on campus get what they need if/when they deal with mental health concerns, suicidal ideations, or attempts. She deserves this.

Nominated by: Steve Windom, CNP, Area Director, Michigan, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention; Darwin Guevarra, Doctoral Candidate in Social Psychology, University of Michigan


Mehak Hafeez

2nd Year Master’s Student, Illinois Institute of Technology

Major: Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling

It is my great pleasure to nominate Mehak Hafeez for the George Orley Student Mental Health Advocate Award at the University of Michigan. I cannot imagine that there is another mental health advocate out there who could possibly be more deserving or qualified for this award than Mehak, and I give her my strongest possible recommendation.

Mehak is currently a student in the Illinois Tech Master’s in Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling Program and will complete the program in May of 2019. I am Mehak’s faculty supervisor for her clinical practicum and internship, I have been her instructor for a number of courses, and I have worked with her on a variety of projects over the past few years, including when she was an undergraduate here at Illinois Tech.

For over a year, Mehak has actively led American Rehabilitation Counseling Association and Active Minds at IIT where she has hosted a number of mental health resources and suicide prevention workshops. She has collaborated with the University’s Student Health and Wellness Center to host Suicide Prevention Workshops and mental health wellness events during exam weeks. She has invited numerous community speakers to provide mental health education, resources and community outreach to the students of IIT. She has also collaborated with PRISM, LGBTQ student organization and other ethnically diverse student organizations to invite organizations to speak on mental health importance and advocating for students with mental health needs. In summary, Mehak is an impressive student leader who has consistently demonstrated the qualities that will help her to be a superb professional in the rehabilitation and mental health counseling field. I hold her in the highest regard. She has shown herself to be an astute individual, possessing the talents and skills that will assist her growing into a compassionate and conscientious rehabilitation and mental health counselor.

Nominated by: Kelly Kazukauskas, PhD, Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychology, Illinois Institute of Technology; Patrick Corrigan, Distinguished Professor of Psychology, Illinois Institute of Technology; Nikki Legate, Master’s Student, Illinois Institute of Technology; Adrian Gurgul, Illinois Institute of Technology

Pictured: Kimberly Snodgrass (left) and Mehak Hafeez (right)

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