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James Abelson, MD, Ph.D. Professor of Psychiatry Psychiatry
Sara Abelson, MPH Doctoral Candidate, Graduate Student Research Assistant Health Behavior and Health Education
Mark Ackerman, PhD Professor College of Engineering
Omar Ahmed, PhD Assistant Professor Psychology
James Aikens, Ph.D. Professor of Family Medicine Family Medicine
Huda Akil, PhD Gardner Quarton Distinguished University Professor of Neuroscience and Psychiatry; Co-Director, Molecular and Behavioral Neuroscience Institute Psychiatry - MBNI
Charlotte Allport, BSN, MS APRN, BC Psychiatry
Daniel Almirall, PhD Associate Professor of Survey Research (ISR) and Statistics (LSA) Institute for Social Research
Riana Elyse Anderson, PhD Assistant Professor School of Public Health
Carolyn Andrews, B.S. Graduate Student Psychology
J. Todd Arnedt, PhD Associate Professor Psychiatry
Brian Athey, Ph.D. Michael Savageau Collegiate Professor & Chair, Department of Computational Medicine and Bioinformatics, Department of Psychiatry and Internal Medicine Psychiatry
Swati Bajpayee Managing Director Eisenberg Family Depression Center
Monica Bame, PhD Research Lab Specialist Inter Psychiatry
Kristen Barry, Ph.D. Research Professor Psychiatry
Maria Bastida, MS; BSN; BA Nurse practitioner Psychiatry
Melissa Bathish, PhD, RN, CPNP Research Area Specialist Intermediate and Lecturer Nursing
Shanice Battle, B.S in Psychology, B.S. in Biology, MPH in Epidemiology PhD Candidate, Epidemiological Sciences other
Esther Bay, PhD Clinical Associate Professor Nursing
David Belmonte, MD Clinical Assistant Professor Psychiatry
Adriene Beltz, PhD Assistant Professor of Psychology Psychology
Elissa Benedek, M.D. Adjunct Professor of Psychiatry Psychiatry
Victoria Bennett Mobile Technologies Core Manager Eisenberg Family Depression Center
Michael Bergiel Finance Lead Eisenberg Family Depression Center
Kat Bergman Marketing & Communications Manager Psychiatry
Rachel Bergmans, Ph.D., M.P.H. Dr. Psychiatry
Deborah Berman, MD Clinical Professor Obstetrics & Gynecology
Holli Bertram, MSW Clinical Research Project Manager Psychiatry
Linas Bieliauskas, Ph.D. Professor Psychiatry
Emily Bilek, PhD Clinical Assistant Professor Psychiatry
Kira Birditt, PhD Research Associate Professor Institute for Social Research
Mary Blazek, MD Associate Professor Psychiatry
Stefanie Block, MS Graduate Student Psychology
Frederic Blow, Ph.D. Professor Psychiatry
Amy Bohnert, Ph.D., M.H.S. Associate Professor Psychiatry
Michael Boivin, Ph.D., M.A., MPH Adjunct Research Investigator Psychiatry
Erin Bonar, PhD Assistant Professor Psychiatry
Lindsay Bornheimer, PhD Assistant Professor, School of Social Work; Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry Social Work
Jolene Bostwick, PharmD Clinical Assistant Professor in Pharmacy, Clinical Pharmacist in Psychiatry Pharmacy
Michael Bourgoise, MSW Clinical Research Therapist Psychiatry
Rachel Bresnahan, BA Ms. Psychiatry
Emily Briceno, PhD Assistant Professor Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Hedieh Briggs, MSW Program Manager Psychiatry
Kirk Brower, M.D., FASAM Professor Psychiatry
Michele Brown, MSW Lead Social Worker Social Work
Christine Brucksch, BSN Clinical Research Nurse Coordinator Psychiatry
Teryn Bruni, PhD Assistant Professor Psychology
Katherine Bullard, MSW, MPH Social Work Coordinator Psychiatry
Helen Burgess, PhD Professor Psychiatry
Margit Burmeister, PhD Professor Psychiatry - MBNI
Cynthia Burton, PhD Psychology Postdoctoral Fellow Psychiatry
Margaret Calarco, BSN, MSN, PhD Senior Assoc. Director & Chief Nursing Officer Nursing
Patrick Carter, MD Assistant Professor Emergency Medicine
Natasha Chaku, Ph.D Research Fellow Psychology
Haiming Chen, M.D., M.Sc. Research Assistant Professor Psychiatry
Jennifer Cleary, BS Graduate Student Psychology
Sally Clement, NP Nurse Practitioner Psychiatry
Geoffrey Collins, RN Registered Nurse Psychiatry
Costanza Colombi, PhD Research Assistant Professor Psychiatry
Jessica Connick, RN Educational Nurse Coordinator Psychiatry
Deirdre Conroy, Ph.D. Associate Professor Psychiatry
Wendy Corriveau, APRN Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Psychiatry
Lara Coughlin, PhD Assistant Professor Psychiatry
James Cranford, PhD Research Assistant Professor Psychiatry
Ewa Czyz, PhD Assistant Professor Psychiatry
Gregory Dalack, MD Chair Psychiatry
Nancy Davis, BA Director of Development, Mental Health Programs Eisenberg Family Depression Center
Daniel DeSena, MSW Clinical Social Worker Psychiatry
Jacek Debiec, MD, PhD Assistant Professor Psychiatry - MBNI
Patricia Deldin, Ph.D. Professor of Psychology; Professor of Psychiatry; Deputy Director, Eisenberg Family Depression Center Psychology
Kun Deng, PhD Research Fellow School of Information
Fatema Dohadwala Marketing and Media Assistant Eisenberg Family Depression Center
Brent Doil, BS Research Associate Psychiatry
Dana Dolinoy, PhD NSF International Chair and Professor of Environmental Health Sciences School of Public Health
Edward Domino, M.S., M.D. Professor Pharmacy
Sarah Domoff, PhD Research Faculty Affiliate Center for Human Growth & Development
Richard Dopp, M.D. Clinical Assistant Professor Psychiatry
Sonia Duffy, PhD, RN Associate Research Professor Psychiatry
Karen Dugas Research Innovation Core Manager Eisenberg Family Depression Center
Elizabeth Duval, PhD Assistant Professor, Clinical Lecturer, Research Fellow Psychiatry
Ada Eban-Rothschild, PhD Assistant Professor Psychology
Robin Edelstein, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Psychology
Jennifer Edwards, BFA Senior Director of Development Other
Vicki Ellingrod, Pharm.D., BCPP Professor Pharmacy
LaKisha Evans, BBA Executive Assistant Psychiatry
Cynthia Ewell Foster, Ph.D. Clinical Lecturer and Director of the University Center for the Child and the Family (UCCF) Psychiatry
Lisa Fabian, BA Associate Director of Development Other
Jeremy Fallis, B.A. Marketing Communications Specialist Eisenberg Family Depression Center
Angela Farrehi, MS, LLP Counseling Psychologist / Student Advocacy Manager Other
Todd Favorite, M.A., Ph. D. Director /Clinical Psychologist Psychiatry
Angela Fernandez, PhD, MPH, LCSW Postdoctoral Research Fellow School of Social Work
Paul Fitzgerald, Ph.D. Postdoctoral fellow Psychiatry
Kate Fitzgerald, M.D., M.S. Associate Professor Psychiatry
Shelly Flagel, PhD Research Associate Professor Psychiatry
Maria Flores, Bachelor of Arts with Distinction & Honors in Sociology Senior Business & Operations Specialist Eisenberg Family Depression Center
Rachel Fogelberg, MSW Clinical Social Worker Psychiatry
Jared Fordyce, BS Research Technician Lead Psychiatry
Jacob Franklin, MD Resident Psychiatry
Gary Freed, MD, MPH Professor Pediatrics
David Fresco, Ph.D. Professor Psychiatry
Debbra Galanti, Bachelors in Business Administration Executive Assistant Associate Psychiatry
Angela Galka, MPH Research Program Administrator
Kara Gavin, M.S. Research & Policy Media Relations Manager Institute for Healthcare Policy and Innovation
Tamara Gay, M.D. Assistant Dean for Student Services Psychiatry
Lauren Gerlach, DO Clinical Lecturer Psychiatry
Jena Gewarges, BA PhD Candidate Molecular and Behavioral Neuroscience Institute
Megan Gex Yarrington Communications Manager Eisenberg Family Depression Center
Neera Ghaziuddin, MD, MRCPsych (UK) Associate professor Psychiatry
Yarden Ginsburg, MS Clinical Subjects Coordinator Psychiatry
Bruno Giordani, Ph.D. Professor; Director, Neuropsychology Section Psychiatry
Polly Gipson, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Research Investigator Psychiatry
Rachel Glick, MD Associate Chair, Professor Psychiatry
Katherine Gold, MD, MSW Assistant Professor Family Medicine
Cathy Goldstein Clinical Associate Professor, Neurology Neurology
Richard Gonzalez, PhD Professor Psychology
Dorothy Gotlib, MD CAPS Psychiatrist, Adjunct Clinical Instructor Psychiatry
Charles Graham Jr., PhD, LMSW Clinical Social Worker Social Work
Sandra Graham-Bermann, BA, MA, Ph.D. Professor Psychology
Mary Grambeau, LMSW Clinical Social Work Scholar Social Work
Kyle Grazier, Ph.D. Professor Health Management & Policy
John Greden, MD Rachel Upjohn Professor of Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences, Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry, Founder, University of Michigan Depression Center, Research Professor Emeritus, Michigan Neuroscience Institute, Founding Chair, National Network of Depres Psychiatry
Dina Griauzde, MD Clinical Lecturer, Research Fellow Internal Medicine
Christine Grimm, BA Clinical Research Coordinator Psychiatry
Melissa Gross, Ph.D. Associate Professor School of Kinesiology
Tyler Grove, PhD Clinical Assistant Professor Psychiatry
Megan Hagenauer, PhD Research Investigator Molecular & Behavioral Neuroscience Institute (MBNI)
Bonnie Hagerty, Ph.D., R.N., C.S. Associate Professor, Adjunct CNS Nursing
Andrew Haig, M.D. Active Emeritus Professor Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Sherry Hall, BBA Director of Research Administration Psychiatry
Ilze Hallman, M.S., B.S.N. Clinical Nurse Specialist Psychiatry
Gregory Hanna, M.D. Professor Psychiatry
Jillian Hardee, PhD Research Assistant Professor Psychiatry
Anne Harrington, PhD Consultant Other
Gloria Harrington, MBA, LMSW, CCRP Research Operations Manager Psychiatry
Jane Hassinger, MSW Lecturer IV International Institute
Martin Heggestad, PhD, MSW Clinical social worker Psychiatry
Will Heininger, BA Outreach Coordinator Eisenberg Family Depression Center
Katherine Hendy, PhD Dr School of Public Health
Todd Herron, PhD Assistant Research Professor Frankel Cardiovascular Center
Shelley Hershner, MD Assistant Professor Neurology
Brian Hicks, PhD Associate Professor Psychiatry
Joseph Himle, Ph.D. Professor Social Work
Leslie Hollingsworth, MSW, PhD Associate Professor Social Work
Victor Hong, MD Clinical Assistant Professor Psychiatry
Adam Horwitz, Ph.D. Clinical Lecturer Psychiatry
Erin Hughes-Krieger, MSW Clinical Social Worker Psychiatry
Joseph Ikekwere, MBBD, MPH Dr Psychiatry
Mark Ilgen, PhD Professor; VA Research Investigator Psychiatry
Theodore Iwashyna, MD, PhD Associate Professor Internal Medicine
Sara Jackson, BS Intern Eisenberg Family Depression Center
Jeannette Jackson, MBA Managing Director, BioSocial Methods Collaborative Institute for Social Research
Jennie Jester, Ph.D. Associate Research Scientist Psychiatry
Angela Johnson, PhD, MA Research Associate, Community Outreach Specialist
Natasha Johnson, PhD, Social Work and Psychology Dr. Postdoctoral Research Training Program
Charity Jones, LMSW Social Worker Psychiatry
Sonalee Joshi, M.S. Ms. Psychology
Megan Julian, PhD Postdoctoral Research Fellow Center for Human Growth & Development
Glanowska Katarzyna, PhD Research Fellow Neurology
Daniel Keating, Ph.D. Research Professor, Director Center for Human Growth & Development
Michelle Kees, MA, Ph.D. Director, Military Support Programs and Networks; Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Adjunct Associate Professor of Psychology Psychiatry
Marisa Kelly, BA Former Research Technician Associate Intermediate; Previous MEDPREP Student Office of Postdoctoral Studies
Amy Kilbourne, PhD, MPH Professor Psychiatry
Lucia Kim, Neuroscience B.S. (in progress) Communications Assistant Psychiatry
Hanjoo Kim, PhD Postdoctoral fellow Psychiatry
Anthony King, PhD Assistant Professor Psychiatry
Cheryl King, Ph.D. Professor Psychiatry
Michael Klinkman, MD, MS Professor Family Medicine
Kristine Konz, BS, MSW Clinical Social Worker Psychiatry
Elizabeth Koschmann, PhD Assistant Research Scientist Psychiatry
Joanna Kountanis, MD Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology/ Assistant Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology Anesthesiology
Anne Kramer, MSW Clinical Social Worker Psychiatry
David Krolewski, B.S., Ph.D. Research Fellow Molecular & Behavioral Neuroscience Institute (MBNI)
Ethan Kross, PhD Professor Psychology
Julie Kuebler, MS, APRN, BC Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Psychiatry
Tammy LaPrell, Certificate in Word Processing Office Manager Psychiatry
Blake Lancaster, PhD Clinical Assistant Professor Psychology
Adrienne Lapidos, PhD Clinical Assistant Professor Psychiatry
Carly Lasagna, BA Research Coordinator Psychiatry
Dayna LePlatte, MD Child, Adolescent, and Adult Psychiatry, Clinical Instructor Psychiatry
Sujin Lee, MA Graduate Student Psychology
Michelle Lee, BS Graduate Student Instructor Psychology
Amanda Leggett, PhD Research Assistant Professor Psychiatry
Jun Li, PhD Professor Human Genetics
Lydia Li, PhD Professor School of Social Work
Celeste Liebrecht, LMSW Program Manager Psychiatry
Rebecca Lindsay, MPH Project Coordinator Health Management & Policy
Yanni Liu, PhD Research Investigator Psychiatry
Sofia Lopez , B.S. Psychology Neuroscience Ph.D. Candidate Psychiatry
Juan Lopez, MD Associate Professor Psychiatry - MBNI
Nestor Lopez-Duran, PhD Associate Professor Psychology
David Maahs, MSW Clinical Social Worker Psychiatry
Susan Maixner, MD Clinical Associate Professor Psychiatry
Daniel Maixner, MD Clinical Associate Professor Psychiatry
Beatriz Manzor-Mitrzyk, PharmD Postdoctoral Research Fellow Pharmacy
Sheila Marcus, MD Clinical Professor Psychiatry
David Marshall, PhD Clinical Assistant Professor Psychiatry
Heidi Mason, NP Clinical faculty Nursing
Donovan Maust Associate Professor of Psychiatry; Associate Director, Geriatric Psychiatry Program Psychiatry
Laura Mayo-Bond, BS, CRA Clinical Research Coordinator Psychiatry
Jenna McAfee , PhD Clinical Assistant Professor Anesthesiology
John McCarthy, PhD, MPH Research Associate Professor Psychiatry
Melvin McInnis, MD Professor Psychiatry
Erin McRobert, BA, MSW Clinical Research Coordinator Molecular & Behavioral Neuroscience Institute (MBNI)
Janelle McWethy, BSN Co-Coordinator, Outpatient ECT Program Psychiatry
Margo Menkes, BA Doctoral student Psychology
Courtney Metzger, BS Assistant Director of Development Psychiatry
Karla Metzger, MSW Project Senior Manager Psychiatry
Briana Mezuk Associate Chair and Associate Professor, Epidemiology School of Public Health
Alvin Michaels, MD Adjunct Professor Psychiatry
Marina Milad, BA Training and Implementation Specialist Other
Nicole Miller, MSW Clinical Research Coordinator Psychiatry
Karen Milner, M.D. Clinical Professor Psychiatry
Janice Mitcham, LMSW Clinical Social Worker Psychiatry
Ann Mooney, M.S.W., B.A. Research coordinator Psychiatry
Jonathan Morrow, MD, PhD Assistant Professor Psychiatry
Lindsey Mortenson, MD Adjunct Clinical Instructor Psychiatry
Emily Mower Provost, PhD Assistant Professor College of Engineering
Sharon Mudd, MS, APRN, BC Nurse Practitioner, Adjunct Clinical Instructor Psychiatry
Geoffrey Murphy, Ph.D. Professor, Associate Director Molecular and Behavioral Neuroscience Institute
Maria Muzik, MD Associate Professor Psychiatry
Bethany Navis, Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience Research Technician Intermediate Psychiatry
Kayce Newcomb, BS Research Office Administrator Psychiatry
Laura Nitzberg, MSW Social Work Manager in Psychiatry and Lead Social Worker Psychiatry
Loree O'Jack, BBA Financial Specialist Senior Psychiatry
K Sue O'Shea, PhD Professor Cell and Developmental Biology
Kelly Orringer, MD Clinical Assistant Professor, Pediatrics Pediatrics
Tonie Owens, RN Parent Volunteer Other
Taylor Pahl, MSW, LLMSW Outreach & Education Program, Specialist Eisenberg Family Depression Center
Mary Palnau, Assoc. Degree Retired; Research Administrative Assistant Psychiatry
Sagar Parikh, MD Professor of Psychiatry Psychiatry
Nansook Park, Ph.D. Professor Psychology
Paresh Patel, M.D., Ph.D Associate Professor Psychiatry
Parag Patil, MD PhD Associate Professor Neurosurgery
Scott Peltier, B.S.,M.S.,PhD. Research Scientist Functional MRI Laboratory
Megan Pesch, MD Clinical fellow, Post-doctoral researcher Center for Human Growth & Development
Elizabeth Peters, PhD Senior Technical Writer Psychiatry
Paul Pfeiffer, MD Associate Professor Psychiatry
Jennifer Pierce, Ph.D. Research Investigator Anesthesiology
John Piette, PhD Professor of Internal Medicine Internal Medicine
Nicole Poellet, MS APRN, BC Psychiatry
Courtney Polenick, PhD Research Fellow Psychiatry
Ovide Pomerleau, PhD Professor Emeritus of Psychology Psychiatry
Edward Post, MD, PhD Professor of Medicine Internal Medicine
Julie Premo, Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology Postdoctoral Research Fellow Psychiatry
Stephanie Preston, BA, MA, PhD Associate Professor Psychology
Anthony Provenzola, B.S. Web Software Developer Psychiatry
Christopher Reynolds, BS Mr. College of Pharmacy
Michelle Riba, MD Director of the Psych Oncology Program at the University of Michigan Rogel Cancer Center. Psychiatry
Pat Rinvelt, MBA Executive Director Other
Brittany Risk, LMSW Program Manager Eisenberg Family Depression Center
Craig Rodriguez-Seijas, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Psychology
Sarah Rollins, MSW UMATS social worker Psychiatry
Katherine Rosenblum, PhD Professor, Research Scientist Psychiatry
Dinah Ross HR Manager, Psychiatry Psychiatry
Kelly Ryan, PhD Assisntant Professor, Clinical Lecturer Psychiatry
Denise Saint Arnault, PhD Associate Professor Nursing
Stephanie Salazar, M.P.H Outreach & Education Programs, Manager Eisenberg Family Depression Center
Lizelle Salazar, MPH Outreach & Education Programs, Project Manager Eisenberg Family Depression Center
Deepika Sastry, MD Clinical Instructor Psychiatry
Hans Schroder, Ph.D Postdoctoral Fellow Psychiatry
Jessica Schubert, PhD Clinical Psychology Post-Doctoral Resident Psychiatry
Robin Scott, BSN Clinical Nurse II Psychiatry
Carol Scott, MSW, PhD Postdoctoral Research Fellow School of Information
Audrey Seasholtz, Ph.D. Research Professor/Professor, Associate Director of the Doctoral Program in Neuroscience Molecular & Behavioral Neuroscience Institute (MBNI)
Meghan Seewald Data & Design Core Manager Eisenberg Family Depression Center
Srijan Sen, MD, PhD Frances and Kenneth Eisenberg Professor of Depression and Neurosciences; Director, Eisenberg Family Depression Center Eisenberg Family Depression Center
Cortney Sera, M.A. Clinical Research Coordinator Psychiatry
Eric Simon, PhD Senior Technical Writer Eisenberg Family Depression Center
Vijay Singh, MD, MPH Clinical Assistant Professor Internal Medicine
Lesli Skolarus, MD Associate Professor, Neurology Neurology
Rachel Skylis Project Administrator Eisenberg Family Depression Center
Joshua Smith, BA Medical Student Psychiatry
Yolanda Smith, M.D., M.S. Professor Obstetrics & Gynecology
Shawna Smith, PhD Research Assistant Professor Psychiatry
Amanda Sonnega, PhD Assistant Research Scientist Institute for Social Research
Joanna Spencer-Segal, MD, PhD Assistant Professor Internal Medicine
Rebecca Sripada, PhD Assistant Professor Psychiatry
Chandra Sripada, MD/Phd Associate Professor Psychiatry
Lori Stark, MA Research Area Specialist Associate Psychiatry
Laura Stchur, MSW Clinical Trial Coordinator Psychiatry
Sara Stein, MS Graduate Student in Social Work and Clinical Psychology Psychology
Alyssa Steinhoff, BA N/A Psychology
Steve Stinnett, BS Financial Specialist Sr Psychiatry - MBNI
Kristefer Stojanovski, MPH PhD Pre-Candidate Health Behavior and Health Education
Brian Stork, M.D. Dr. Urology
Stephen Strobbe, PhD, RN, NP, PMHCNS-BC, CARN Clinical Associate Professor, Associate Professor of Psychiatry Nursing
Takakuni Suzuki, PhD Psychology Postdoctoral Fellow Psychiatry
Leslie Swanson, Ph.D., M.A. Assistant Professor Psychiatry
Danielle Taubman, MPH Program Evaluation Specialist Depression Center
Stephan Taylor, MD Professor of Psychiatry Psychiatry
Alvin Thomas, PhD Child Psychology Post Doctoral Fellow Psychiatry
Maria Thomas Executive Assistant Eisenberg Family Depression Center
Elizabeth Thomason, PhD Data Analyst Psychiatry
Stephen Thompson, JD Medical Student Psychiatry
Robert Thompson, Ph.D. Research Associate Professor Psychiatry - MBNI
Sara Tischler, LMSW Clinical Social Worker Psychiatry
Chioma Torres, M.D. Dr. Pediatrics
John Traynor, BSc., PhD Professor Pharmacy
Elise Trim, Masters of Social Work Intern Psychiatry
Natalie Tronson, PhD Assistant Professor Psychology
Ivy Tso, PhD Assistant Professor of Psychiatry Psychiatry
Cortney Turner, Ph.D. Associate Research Scientist Molecular & Behavioral Neuroscience Institute (MBNI)
Golfo Tzilos Wernette, PhD Assistant Professor of Family Medicine Family Medicine
Michael Uhler, PhD Research Professor Molecular & Behavioral Neuroscience Institute (MBNI)
Melanie Urbanchek, PhD Associate Research Professor Other
Jessica Van Huysse, PhD Clinical Assistant Professor, Clinical Director of the Comprehensive Eating Disorders Program Psychiatry
Delia Vazquez, MD Professor Department of Pediatrics and Psychiatry, Director of Pediatric Endocrine Fellowship Program Pediatrics
Erica Vest, MSW Research Area Specialist Associate Psychiatry
Kristen Villalobos, BS Clinical Subjects Coordinator Psychiatry
Nicole Villapiano, MD Research Fellow, RWJ Clinical Scholars Program Internal Medicine
Brenda Volling, Ph.D. Director and Professor Psychology
Cecilia Votta, BA Graduate Student Psychology
Jared Wadley Senior public relations specialist Other
Kristen Ward, PharmD Clinical Assistant Professor Pharmacy
Ricks Warren, Ph.D. Psychologist, Associate Professor Psychiatry
Daphne Watkins, PhD Professor and a Director, Vivian A. and James L. Curtis Center for Health Equity Research and Training Social Work
Brendon Watson, MD, PhD Assistant Professor Psychiatry
Stanley Watson, PhD MD Professor Psychiatry
Alyssa Wealty, MA Communications Manager, MC3 & M-SPAN programs Psychiatry
Addie Weaver, PhD Assistant Professor Social Work
Kim Weber Administrative Specialist Associate Healthcare Psychiatry
Melissa Webster, M.S.W. Clinical Social Worker Psychiatry
Alexander Weigard, Ph.D. Research Fellow Addiction Research Center
Ginny Weinberg, BS, MS Clinical Care Coordinator, Nurse Practitioner Psychiatry
Daniel Whitney, PhD Assistant Professor (start date: 3/1/2019) Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Blair Whittington, Bachelor of Science B.S. Psychiatry
Jenna Wiens, PhD Assistant Professor College of Engineering
Reg Williams, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus Psychiatry
Alicia Williamson, B.A. Psychology PhD Student School of Information
Tomorrow Wilson, Ph.D. Research fellow Addiction Research Center
Gerald Scott Winder, MD MSc Clinical Associate Professor Psychiatry
Brittany Wright, Bachelor's of Psychology Research Technician Associate Psychiatry
Xiaoling Xiang, PhD, MSW Assistant professor School of Social Work
Swathi Yadlapalli, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Cell and Developmental Biology
Wendy Yallop, MSW Social Work Therapist- Program Coordinator Social Work
Anastasia Yocum, M.S., Ph.D. Research Program Manager Psychiatry
Laura Zahodne, PhD Assistant Professor Psychology
Anao Zhang, Ph.D., LCSW, ACSW, ACT Assistant Professor School of Social Work
Thomas Zimmer, MD Resident physician Psychiatry
Kara Zivin, PhD, MS, MA Associate Professor Psychiatry
Sebastian Zoellner, Ph D Professor of Biostatistics; Professor of Psychiatry Biostatistics Department
Robert Zucker, Ph.D. Professor of Psychology in Psychiatry and Psychology, Director, Substance Abuse Section; Director, Addiction Research Center Psychiatry
Jennifer severe, M.D. Clinical Assistant Professor Psychiatry